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Calculus 2017-18


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Calculus 2017-18

Week 7
Date Day Topic Notes Handouts Homework
10/16 Mon Review for Implicit Differentiation   Review Sheet Study!
Finish Review Sheet
Review Sheet Answers
10/17 Tues Review for Implicit Differentiation Day 2 Extra Practice Problems   Study!
10/18 Wed Quiz - Implicit Differentiation      
10/19 Thurs Introduction to Related Rates Power Point Practice Questions 1 Section 4.1 #s 8,13
10/20 Fri Continue Related Rates   Practice Questions 2 Finish Question 5 on Overhead

Date Day Topic Notes Handouts Homework
10/9 Mon No School -
Columbus Day
10/10 Tues Continue Implicit Differentiation Overhead   Exercise Set 3.6 #s 30,31,33
10/11 Wed Continue Implicit Differentiation      
10/12 Thurs Implicit Differentiation at a specific point Overhead Graded Class Assignment If you were absent, print out graded assignment and hand in Monday 10/16
10/13 Fri No Class -
Pep Rally

Date Day Topic Notes Handouts Homework
10/2 Mon Equation of a Tangent Line and Normal Line Tangent Line Equation Practice Worksheet Finish Class Work Sheet. Do all questions as both a tangent line and a normal line.
10/3 Tues Begin Review for Differentiation Test   Review Sheet  
10/4 Wed Continue Review for Differentiation Test   2nd Review Sheet

2nd Review Sheet Answers

10/5 Thurs Test - Techniques of Differentiation      
10/6 Fri Begin Implicit Differentiation Notes   Exercise Set 3.6 #s 13,14,15,16

Date Day Topic Notes Handouts Homework
9/25 Mon Intro to Definition of Derivative Sketch   y = x3 by definition
9/26 Tues Continue Definition of Derivative PowerPoint   y = x2 - 5x
y = x3 + 4x + 3
Do by definition of derivative. One sentence explaining any pattern you have observed.
9/27 Wed Techniques of Differentiation- Power Rule and Chain Rule Techniques Power Point Power Rule Practice Exercise Set 3.3 #s 2,4,12,13
9/28 Thurs Techniques of Differentiation - Product Rule and Quotient Rule Practice Questions

Practice Answers

9/29 Fri Practice All Techniques of Differentiation Practice Questions

Practice Answers

  Exercise Set 3.5 #s 16, 34, 35, 37

Date Day Topic Notes Handouts Homework
9/18 Mon Algebraic Infinity Limits Infinity Limits PowerPoint Infinity Limits Practice Exercise Set 2.5 #s 21-29, 51-56
9/19 Tues Review for Limits Quiz   Review Sheet 1
Review Answers1

Review Sheet 2
Review Answers1

Study for Quiz tomorrow
9/20 Wed Quiz - Limits
9/21 Thurs No School -
Rosh Hashanah
9/22 Fri No School -
Rosh Hashanah

Week 2
Date Day Topic Notes Handouts Homework
9/11 Mon 9th period Make-Up Quiz due to Assembly Friday      
9/12 Tues Introduction to Limits Limit Overheads
YouTube Clip
  Exercise Set 2.4 #s 1, 2, 5, 6
9/13 Wed More Visual Limits, Limit Overheads


  Exercise Set 2.4 #s 10,13
9/14 Thurs Begin Algebraic Limits Algebraic Limit Notes   Exercise Set 2.5 #s 1, 4, 8, 13, 15
9/15 Fri Practice Algebraic Limits   Algebraic Limit Practice 1

Algebraic Limit Practice 2

Exercise Set 2.5 #s 14, 16, 17

Week 1
Date Day Topic Notes Handouts Homework
9/4 Mon No School - Labor Day      
9/5 Tues Intro to Class

Begin Pre-Calc Review

Parent Letter

Ready For Calculus Workshe
1) Get 5 Subject Notebook 
2) Get Folder With Pockets
3) Print Out Parent Letter and Have Signed

Finish Questions 1-6
9/6 Wed Continue Pre-Calc Review   Ready For Calculus Worksheet Finish Questions 7-12
9/7 Thurs MORE "Are you ready for Calculus"   Ready For Calculus Worksheet 2

Finish All Questions #1-10 Study for Quiz

Ready For Calculus Worksheet 2 Answers
9/8 Fri Quiz - PreCalc Review